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Nikko Sky Ace / Sky Watcher manuel d'utilisation | Vidéos ...

La Nikko Sky Ace ou Nikko Sky Watcher a sûrement été un cadeau de noel pour beaucoup. Voici une vidéo en français pour savoir comment faire voler le Nikko Sky Ace / Sky Watcher. Cette vidéo est le manuel d’utilisation du Nikko Sky Ace / Sky Watcher. Cet hélicoptère reste un hélico d’initiation. Si cela vous plait, vous pouvez passer à plus perfectionné, plus stable, plus fiable mais pas forcément plus cher. Vous verrez sur ce site beaucoup de vidéos d’hélicoptères de [suite...]

Date: 2008-12-26 13:00:08

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Easy Lithium-Ion upgrade for RC cars

In this Instructale(my first), i will show you the easy(and cheap) way to power a RC car, using LITHIUM ION TECHNOLOGY :) w00t. At the end, there is a test Video 10-28-08 UPDATE Please Read this. DO NOT TRY THIS UNLESS YOU FOLLOW this . ' Only use the vpx battery. It is a special LiFePo4 battery.' Use only the vpx charger with the battery. step 1Why Do this? Imagine yourself trying to connect your fully charged NICD/NiMH to your rc car, and it wont go. The battery has died. Well you want a new battery. You have heard from hobbyists that LIPO/LI-Ion is the future.But one battery and [suite...]

Date: 2008-09-17 04:45:43

Video: Taiyo's voice controlled Voice-Heli RC helicopter: "attack ...

We love RC helicopters. What self-respecting nerd doesn't? Add voice control and our dorktalic sensorloin careens into the red. Taiyo Co. plans to release a 7.2-inch radio controlled helicopter with 10-foot range sometime in 2009. At launch, the Voice-Heli will respond to commands such as "start engine," "up," "hold," "down," and "stop." Presumably, it'll recognize "quit spinning out of control you piece of Walmart shiznit!" in future versions. Taiyo says that it is targeting middle-aged men who would play with the toy rather than their children. Stop Taiyo, please, for your own sake, stop... [suite...]

Date: 2009-01-16 12:41:00

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