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hélicoptère Dynali en kit

Monter son véritable hélicoptère pour 100.000 Euros un rêve qui devient réalité pour certain...!! [ voir sur ]

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Hélicoptère Dynali en kit

Véritable hélico en kit homologué pour 100 000 Euros [ voir sur ]

Durée : 1 min 27
En ligne le : 10/01/08 08:59

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Silverlit Picoo'Z Picooz Kit Rotor Helice Arriere (Pack x5)

Silverlit Picoo'Z Picooz Kit Rotor Helice Arriere (Pack x5) : Au Guinness book des records il détient le titre du plus petit hélicoptère au monde ... Voici le kit rotor d'hélices arrières qui vous permettra de maintenir votre picooz ! [ voir sur ]

Durée : 0 min 33
En ligne le : 13/07/07 10:46

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CH-7 Angel Helicopter

Flying my CH-7 Angel helicopter registration VH-NSU. It is a single seat kit helicopter powered by a Rotax 582 two cylinder, two stroke engine providing 64hp and cruises along nicely at 70-80 knots. Includes a short demonstration of the "Hover Out of Ground Effect (HOGE) capabilities of this machine. Notice that I didn't spend too much time hovering at that height as the Rotax engine has been known to quit on a few Kit helicopter pilots in the past, and recovery from this height without damage to the helicopter and injury would be unlikely. Hence, it's a short demo only and if not for the handling display, I wouldn't normally be at that height. This Angel is one of only three in Australia. The other two are VH-NGL, owned by Herman Roesch and VH-OLJ, owned by Avedis Boyadjian (who is also the previous owner of VH-NSU). Thanks to my father for filming this with my mother's new handycam that he supposedly bought her for Christmas..... [ voir sur ]

Durée : 2 min 18
En ligne le : 27/12/08 06:18

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Guimbal Cabri G2 at GIFAS centennial anniversary(1)

This is the brand new Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter. This 2 seater french helicopter is currently being exposed at the Champs Elysées, Paris, from October 5 to October 12 of 2008 for the occasion of GIFAS centennial anniversary. F-GXRU is the first Cabri G2 (and so far the only) to be delivered to a helicopter operator company. GIFAS means Groupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales : French Aeronautic and Space Industrial Group. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 0 min 52
En ligne le : 06/10/08 02:06

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Another Landing in the CH-7 Angel Helicopter

Landing again at a property north of Brisbane. If you look carefully at the touchdown you may be able to see that the left skid makes contact with the ground first followed by the right skid. This is due to the translating tendency caused by the thrust from the tail rotor pushing the helicopter to the right. Helicopters with main rotors that spin counter clockwise require a left input of the cyclic in the hover to compensate for this, which causes the left skid to hang slightly lower than the right. This is also further exaggerated here due to the slope of the ground where the landing is performed, though not as apparent in the video. [ voir sur ]

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En ligne le : 30/01/09 07:28

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CH-7 Angel Helicopter Take-off

Short demonstration of a max performance take-off in my CH-7 Angel helicopter (VH-NSU). Not bad performance for a little 64hp two stroke, two cylinder engine, though this kind of take-off profile shouldn't be used unless departing a confined area. This is because the Rotax 582 engine has been known to quit unexpectedly in these machines as many other CH-7 pilots can attest to. This is one of only three in Australia. The other two are VH-NGL, owned by Herman Roesch and VH-OLJ, owned by Avedis Boyadjian (previous owner of VH-NSU). [ voir sur ]

Durée : 0 min 41
En ligne le : 27/12/08 07:57

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Vidéo de présentation réalisé en France à Compiègne par Claude LESCURE [ voir sur ]

Durée : 8 min 27
En ligne le : 06/04/08 10:11

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Taxi & Take-Off - CH-7 Angel Helicopter

Taking off from a property just north of Brisbane in my CH-7 Angel helicopter for yet another recreational flight..... The CH-7 is a great little performer considering the OAT was over 30°C on this day. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 0 min 46
En ligne le : 30/01/09 07:15

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The Revolution Mini-500 Helicopter demo Video "Part 1"

This was the latest official Revolution Helicopter Corporation's demonstration video featuring the Mini-500 Bravo kit-built helicopter, and it's designer and Company founder Mr. Dennis Fetters, who has designed and manufactured 9 different aircraft, 3 being helicopters and 11 variants, producing over 1700 aircraft being flown worldwide. Over 500 Mini-500's were produced. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 8 min 26
En ligne le : 11/01/08 21:07

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