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Mini hélicoptère RC medley - Lx3 - Zulu - Twin trooper

Petits vols enchainés entre Modelco Lx 3 (3 voies) - Aztech Zulu (4 voies) - Twin Trooper (3 voies) [ voir sur ]

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RC AIRWOLF Helicopter with PHT3 Jetcat turbine (FOR SALE!)

English : Flying-Cam, world leader in close range aerial filming with unmanned helicopter is selling two AIRWOLF helicopters both equipped with PHT3 JETCAT turbine with Kerosene start. Two identical helicopters are available for 10000Euro each. TOTAL: 20000Euro negociable This helicopter as been used in the Grand Canyon, in Arizona USA, for Ford Expedition TV commercial. READY TO FLY : - Rotor Diameter 1,8 meter - Fuselage Vario "AIRWOLF Big" scale 1:7.1 - Turbine JETCAT PHT3 - Kerosene Start - Remote controlled Retractable landing gear - Gyro GY401 - 5 servos Futaba S9202 - Radio Futaba T9ZHP Wc2 + Transmitter tray + Harness - 2 Battery sets [ voir sur ]

Durée : 1 min 09
En ligne le : 24/12/08 12:17

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3 Channel mini RC Helicopter with metal airframe.

The best 3 channel mini rc helicopter for only £18.99 including postage! this heli has a bigger battery and a metal airframe even with bearings on the rotor shaft. the detail is brilliant and it also flies very well. i have had many mini rc heli's and this one is the best by far. it comes with spare blades and a screwdriver. i would recommend using rechargeable batteries as the heli charges from the transmitter and eats batteries as you will be addicted to this heli. it is very stable and easy to control with left, right, forwards and backwards control. The heli comes in three colours, red, green and yellow. i am still amazed at the price for this heli as it is very well built, does not look cheap and flies brilliantly. a 25 minute charge gives roughly 5-9 minutes of flight time. Enjoy and please leave a comment. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 4 min 08
En ligne le : 25/04/09 12:30

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rc helicopter aerial photography

Flips, rolls, cars, boats, ducks, roos and a Cessna. This and more, captured with two onboard video cameras. I used my Trex 500 helicopter with a flycamone2 mounted to the tail and a sony cybershot digital camera mounted to the skids (using pool noodle foam). This video was NOT done using FPV equipment and is arguably the worlds best non-FPV rc heli aerial video; see comments from "muni86". The locations are Warrandyte, Wonga Park, Rosebud, Sugarloaf Reservior, Torquay, Melbourne (Alexandra Gardens) and Williamstown (Victoria, Australia). The sound track is "asleep from day" by The Chemical Brothers with Mazzy Star vocals. SUBSCRIBE and RATE if you like my stuff! [ voir sur ]

Durée : 4 min 18
En ligne le : 24/10/09 21:27

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Learn How To Fly RC Helicopter (RUDDER & ORIENTATION SKILLS)

A video series teaching you how to eventually fly full function 6 channel RC helicopters. This video concentrates on getting you use to the rudder control as well as getting you use to centering the helicopter back from different orientations. The plan is to start you out on a coaxial helicopter, teach you the basics which are broken up into easy to learn and practice steps. Once these skills are mastered you are ready to move on to a 6 channel helicopter. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 10 min
En ligne le : 20/05/09 07:56

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Cat VS. Helicopter

Watch in High Quality an exotic shorthair cat take on a remote control helicopter and have the time of her life! This is her favorite toy and the Air Hogs Havoc Helicopter survives quite a lot of abuse. Do not try this at home or at all. Music is Shaun Cassidy's rendition of Da Doo Run Run. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 2 min 46
En ligne le : 11/12/08 00:57

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Vario XLC Carrier RC Helicopter

Large Vario XLC Carrier Turbine Helicopter. Empty weight 17 kg, payload 15 kg. 2500 mm rotor diameter. 8 kW (11 LE) turbine engine. The tall landing gear provides generous space for external loads, and features suitable equipment attachment facilities. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 8 min 35
En ligne le : 01/01/09 03:33

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Helicopter rc / camera

Mon site : Une société qui utilise un monstre rc avec une camera pro... [ voir sur ]

Durée : 2 min 11
En ligne le : 27/01/07 13:53

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rc stunt plane, helicopter and jet do tricks and crash

Airshow sponsored by Trilordy and Venom Racing. Nitro rc planes and jets show off some awsome control in front of a crowd. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 5 min 07
En ligne le : 24/01/08 02:16

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RC Helicopter MUSIC VIDEO!!!

RC Helicopters: . Music by Andy Malex 3 Months Past Prototype Black Reign Recordings CLICK HERE for the music: . [ voir sur ]

Durée : 1 min 17
En ligne le : 13/07/08 03:28

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