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Réparer Micro-Hélico 3CH facile

Voilà un micro hélico importé par e-bay pour une modique somme, et qui ne fonctionne plus au bout d'environ 20h de fonctionnement. En parcourant le web j'ai trouvé LA solution et je vous la fait partager d'une manière Simple et Ludique Merci à Fred et Jamy ! Dédicace à Mastermind ;)) [ voir sur ]

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En ligne le : 06/04/10 13:37

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Jet ranger.wmv

Jouet Radiocommandé : Superbre Micro hélicoptère télécommandé, très simple d'utilisation et d'une grande stabilité [ voir sur ]

Durée : 1 min 37
En ligne le : 27/11/09 08:09

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Le plus petit hélicoptère radiocommandé au monde Smallest helicopter of the world [ voir sur ]

Durée : 2 min 02
En ligne le : 20/03/07 17:36

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mini helicoptere magnum picco pico

vol du mini helicoptere magnum d' mieux que le picco z. un excellent microcopter. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 1 min 55
En ligne le : 08/06/07 07:27

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Syma MICRO CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Product review.

I have had less blade strikes (none) with all my tandem helis. They all fly great. This one howerver, is really a great flier and I like it a lot. It is inexpensive and full of fun. Here is the link to Xheli, to see the price and availability. I am sure it will sell out fast, when people start flying them. Specs: Functions: Up/Down, Left/Right, Forward/Backward Product is 100% new, FULLY ASSEMBLED and READY TO FLY Flight Time: 6-8 minutes Battery for controller: 6-AA batteries 3-channel Infrared controlling 3 selectable bands (A/B/C) let's you FLY UP to 3 HELICOPTERS at once. Auto stable & precision speed control Made of Unique Material to withstand Crashes Size: 26.5*37*10.5cm Charge time: 30 minutes Thanks for watching and Happy flying, Dave [ voir sur ]

Durée : 6 min 23
En ligne le : 20/05/09 14:20

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RC Micro Helicopter - eFlight Blade mCX

Ultra-micro size and weight perfect for indoor flying Innovative airframe design and electronic components offer incredible durability and precise control for excellent manueverability Coaxial, counter-rotating rotor head design for unsurpassed stability and ease of flight 4-channel transmitter equipped with Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM2™ technology, digital trims and dual rates Factory-installed 5-in-1 control unit with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 compatible receiver, main motor ESCs, mixer, gyro and fully proportional servos [ voir sur ]

Durée : 3 min 07
En ligne le : 02/01/09 02:47

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Durée : 4 min 26
En ligne le : 26/11/09 00:41

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Sub Micro RC Helicopter Grappling Targets

With winter here, summer is out and indoor RC helicopter flying is in! Last winter I wanted to make up a grapple hook for my Twin Tandem coaxial and pick up objects but never got around to it. With the rescent release of the Boom Town Hobbies Grapple Hook Kit, my interest was resparked and so I whipped up some grapple hooks made from ultra thin (not sure of gauge) solid core wire. So I needed some targets & being that I have interest in Papercrafting as well, I decided to work on some Heli Grapple Hook Papercraft Targets. They turned out to work well and so I figured I'd put together some printable samples with instructions for my fellow indoor sub micro heli pilots. The beauty of these grapple targets is that you can make them as light or heavy as you want, which then can be used for a variety of helicopters. Visit: for download [ voir sur ]

Durée : 7 min 45
En ligne le : 05/01/10 02:17

Haut de page - Nine Eagles Solo Pro Micro Helicopter Don't want a Co-Axial Heli? Try this easy Solo Pro Fixed Pitch Helicopter After playing a Co-Axial Helicopter, you want something more serious? The Solo Pro is a very good choice. It has a Fixed Pitch one piece main rotor, easy to install, hard to break. The whole Heli body is very light weight, making it very durable in a crash, the simple mechanism also makes it great for beginners. The Solo Pro helicopter is truly a entry class 4-Channel helicopter. 4-Channel means the helicopter can receive 4 signals from your transmitter, the names are : 1. Elevator : Going Forward / Backward 2. Aileron : Sliding Left / Right 3. Rudder / Yaw : Changing Nose Heading 4. Throttle : Fly Higher / Lower These are the basic controls for all RC Helicopters, so playing this Free Spirit Helicopter will get you to know which stick is for what movement for Big RC Helicopters. I would recommend this model for all serious beginners who wants a entry level of RC Helicopter. [ voir sur ]

Durée : 5 min 12
En ligne le : 16/01/10 07:36

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