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Eddy's first solo stage win ever in a Tour De France; 1969

The greatest cyclist ever, Eddy Merckx, in what he reminds as his favorit Tour ever, the 56th TdF in 1969. The 1969 race is unique in that it is the only time that a single cyclist has won not only the yellow jersey, but the green jersey and polka dot jersey as well. Eddy Merckx rode on the winning team, FAEMA, won the combination jersey and the combativity award, and had the young riders' white jersey existed at the time he was young enough to win that as well. So here is the moment where that historical moment started. We are rolling from Mulhouse to Ballon d'Alsace. The avg. for that Tour was 35.409 km/h (22.002 mph). Rudi Altig, Jan Janssen, Jesús Luis Ocaña Pernia, Joaquim Agostinho and many more. I own absolutely nothing here. Want to take it off...feel free YT. [ voir sur ]

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Le Tour de France 2009 en Suisse

Le 19 juillet 2009, le Tour de France passe au pied du Château de Gruyères, dans le canton de Fribourg. ------- The world famous "Tour de France" was in Switzerland on July 19th 2009. Here some views of the "caravan" and the bikers near Gruyeres. the castle of Gruyeres can be observed just at the beginning and at the end of the video sequence. Thousand of pictures of the Gruyere area at [ voir sur ]

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Etape du Tour de France Colmar - Besançon 2009

Arrivée puis podium des différents vainqueurs du tour cycliste de France, arrivée à Besançon. [ voir sur ]

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les coureurs cyclistes dans le village de montfort l'amaury paris nice 2010 06.wmv les coureurs cyclistes traversent montfort l'amaury lors du départ du prologue de la course paris nice 2010 départ rue de la moutière à montfort puis pavés jusqu'à la montée de 3ème catégorie. depart du prologue paris nice 2010 [ voir sur ]

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Ask Bobke - Bob Roll talks the Tour de France on Versus Check out Bob "Bobke" Roll give his thoughts on the Tour and answer questions from viewers on Versus TV. Check your local listings or for more details. [ voir sur ]

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Chute de Joseba Beloki Tour de France 2003

Chute de l'espagnol Joseba Beloki lors du Tour de France 2003, chute aprés laquelle il ne retrouvera jamais son niveau. [ voir sur ]

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Tour de France - No Rest for Cadel - Cadel Evans is an Australian cyclist, riding for a Belgium-based team in the Tour de France. You'd think that the Belgian press would give him a break, yes? Think again. On this rest day, Evans was peppered with questions about how much time he'll lose in the next two mountain stages. Give the guy a break...he's trying to win the Tour de France! Hear it for yourself. [ voir sur ]

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Tour De France 2009 - Mark Cavendish

As the Tour De France 2009 gets under way, Worldsport catches up with British Cyclist Mark Cavendish from Team Columbia Highroad, who talks us through the art of the Sprint Finish. [ voir sur ]

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Tour de France 2009 MENTHON SAINT-BERNARD-Trek "Document" Series

EPISODE 19: Geert Duffeleer is known as "Chef Duffy" by the members of the Astana Cycling Team, whom he cooks for every day on the Tour de France. And there's a lot more that goes into cooking for several of the greatest cyclists in the world than whipping together your average meal. [ voir sur ]

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